Maray Started to practice Yoga in 2001, at first she trying Hatha Yoga, and her love for this practice it’s appears from their first class. Very soon, she started a Teacher Training course to deepen her Practice. During this time one day she practiced with a friend and companion of their teacher training named Ruben Polanski, and their teacher in the room. We practiced Hatha Yoga, and suddenly the teacher have been change and said he will be teach as something different and new. So he started to teach us Ashtanga. Rubenji was an experimented Practitioner of Yoga and filmmaker with many years of practice and devotion. Maray just started her practice, but practicing to his side, Maray could feel all the power of the practice, and she could experience by her self how deeper this practice could leading us to a very different state of mind and conscience thought the body.  That’s was her Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, and it’s was fascinated for her, and her will be never forgotten. 

In 2015, when she moves to Paris, she has the luck to live in the Parmentier Street on the 11 arrondissement, so very close to an Ashtanga yoga school, called Ashtanga Yoga Paris, just 5 minutes walk.  This closest to the school allow her to wake up early every morning and goes to practice on The Mysore Rom from 6 to 10 everyday before going to University. After some time she started the teacher training on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, just with the intention to deepen her practice , she has not the intention to teach yoga at this moment. 

During this training she discover with the help of other students, that she has un unbalance on her body, with show particularly during the asana poses, especially on their hips, that create an unbalance on their spine, and on the length of their legs. She start to ask to many different teachers how to correct that, but no body know how to do it. She remember at this moment that she has been born with a problem on their left hip, which has she in very strict traitement during her first year of birth. She start to consult doctors, make radiographys, to try to find a solution on that, but even doctors don’t know what to do, for them the problem was not so important so simple they recommended do nothing. 

In 2017 she meet Chuck Miller in Paris. She found a very good quality on his teachings, so she think maybe he could help she to find some solution. She went to China for a long Intensive he hold there in August. After some days, she ask Chuck again the same question about this imbalance. He could see and recognize the problem, but he very sincerely said he could not help me, but that he have a friend in Italy than can probably help me. He don’t mentioned their name of his friend. 

At this moment, he just finished a Teacher Training with Donal Holleman, so he speak very often about this excellent yoga teacher that’s lives in Italy. I supposed was Dona, the friend of Chuck that can help me. So I went to see her in April 2018 for my birthday.

Juste some days after our course started, she look at me, meanwhile I trying to do Utkatasana II, and she said me «  You have a problem » I say « yes, I have a problem in my hips ». She said come here and with the help of there Assistant Francesca, she start to help me, I was just in front of her and I’m crying, crying, crying. I said thank you. Francesca lead me to my seat, and I’m continuing to crying. Meanwhile I walk to my home it’s was the first time that I could feel my left foot on the floor. I feel like I was re-born, everything was new. I knew now that I had a left side of my body and I felt a great happiness for have this opportunity to heel. I’m started to study with Dona from this date.